January 13, 2015

Bryan kicked off Canadian Reckless Anniversary Tour in Victoria January 12th.
What: Bryan Adams
When: Monday
Where: Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre

Rating: 4.5/5

Thirty years: That’s how long it has been since Bryan Adams first unleashed Reckless on the world.

Thirty seconds: That’s the length of time it took for the 6,916 fans gathered Monday night to realize the 30th anniversary tour celebrating the album in its entirety was going to be one heck of a special evening.

Adams, 55, opened his sold-out Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre concert with the song Reckless, a dusty rarity that hasn’t seen the light of day in decades. Though the title track was left off the finished 10-song album, Adams scored points for including it during what was the kick-off to 15 dates in Canada. But in all honesty, he also deserves credit for keeping his forays into the world of the B-side fleeting on this night.

That was for the better, to be frank: As much as rarities Reckless, The Boys Night Out, and Let Me Down Easy — which was initially written for Stevie Nicks, and eventually covered by The Who’s Roger Daltrey — were interesting from a historical perspective, they nearly messed with the Reckless vibe. In a wise move, Adams tinkered with the running order of the studio album on this night, which allowed the unreleased songs to come in and out of the set without much bother, leaving the hits to occupy their own territory.

Genius move. By mixing the order in which 1984 classic unfurled, Adams gave the best of Reckless — Summer of ’69, Heaven, Kids Wanna Rock, It’s Only Love, Somebody and Run to You, natch — their proper moments in the sun. And what moments they were.

Heaven (a power-ballad gem) and Kids Wanna Rock (a barn-burning rock ’n’ roll workout) showcased separate sides of the Adams coin. He’s akin to a utility baseball player in that he does everything well; that said, he does a few things — the heartfelt ballad and the straight-ahead rocker — better than most musicians his age.

“Hey Victoria,” Adams said at the frost opportunity to chat, to a drowning roar from the audience. “Nice to be back.”

The lovably raspy voice of his, which on a few occasions couldn’t replicate the Reckless sound of 30 years ago, was in fine shape. He’s older, and so are a large majority of his fans. But when the arena as a whole, from Adams and his band to the fans occupying the seats, sang along to Summer of ’69, that long, lasting relationship was a blessing. At certain points, it was like hanging out with someone you’ve known for too many years to count.

That his 86-year-old mother was there in the front row to see her son succeed made it all the more special.

That it has been 30 years since the release of Reckless, the fourth and arguably most important record of Adams’s career, wasn’t lost on anyone. But the audience gathered to see the Vancouver-raised performer didn’t forget about the new and relatively new stuff, either.

(Everything I Do) I Do It for You was a torch song sing-along of the top-shelf variety, while Can’t Stop This Thing We Started was its expected awesome self, and the recipient of another sing-along.

That’s how Adams operates when he’s rolling: One hit after another, from a variety of decades and in a variety of styles. And though the concert was in progress at press time — Adams does plays for hours and hours, after all — if our intel was correct, and he played the expected handful of covers, classics, and Can-rock gems, there is no reason not to call him one of the best ever, at least where rockers with hearts of gold are concerned.
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December 22, 2014
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. All the best in 2015!

Check out two of Bryan's holiday videos now: Merry Christmas & the 30 year old Reggae Christmas from MTV & featuring Pee Wee Herman!


December 18, 2014

Tickets for Bryan's show in Sandviken, Sweden at the Goransson Arena on March 21st are on sale December 19th at 10am CET online and at usual outlets.


December 17, 2014

Reckless Anniversary Tour returns to Europe in March 2015
Dates have just been confirmed in Scandinavia and eastern Europe.
Tickets on sale starting December 18th. Check the CONCERTS PAGE here for full list of dates & ticketing links. More dates to be announced soon.

17 Frederikshavn, DNK
18 Aarhus, DNK
19 Copenhagen, DNK
20 Oslo, NOR
21 Sandviken, SWE
23 Helsinki, FIN
25 Riga, LAT
27 Kaunas, LITH
28 Gdansk, POL

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December 08, 2014

Reckless Deluxe & Super Deluxe Anniversary Sets now available.
A 4 disc set featuring the 2014 remaster with bonus tracks and a live concert from Hammersmith Odeon concert, a DVD of 1984's mini Reckless Movie and a Hi-Definition Blu ray audio only of the 2014 remaster and bonus tracks with a 5.1 mix of the original album. All housed inside a hardcover book featuring never before seen historical photos from the studio, photos of Bryan, a conversation piece between Bryan and his co-writer Jim Vallance, a technical interview with legendary mastering engineer Bob Ludwig as well as sleevenotes lyrics, work sheets, paperwork, notes and much more.

CD 1

1. One Night Love Affair
2. She's Only Happy When She's Dancin'
3. Run To You
4. Heaven
5. Somebody
6. Summer Of '69
7. Kids Wanna Rock
8. It's Only Love
9. Long Gone
10. Ain't Gonna Cry

Bonus Tracks
11. Let Me Down Easy
12. Teacher Teacher
13. The Boys Night Out
14. Draw The Line
15. Play To Win
16. Too Hot To Handle
17. Reckless

CD2: BBC in concert Hammersmith Odeon April 1985

1. Remember
2. The Only One
3. It’s Only Love
4. Kids Wanna Rock
5. Long Gone
6. Cuts Like a Knife
7. Lonely Nights
8. Tonight
9. This Time
10. The Best Was Yet To Come
11. Heaven
12. Run To You
13. Somebody
14. Straight From The Heart
15. Summer of ‘69

DVD Video

1. Run To You (Intro)
2. This Time (Video)
3. Summer Of '69 (Video)
4. Somebody (Video)
5. Kids Wanna Rock (Video)
6. Heaven (Video)
7. Run To You (Video)
8. One Night Love Affair audio credits
9. Bonus video
10. It's Only Love

Blu- ray

Stereo 2014 Remaster

1. One Night Love Affair
2. She's Only Happy When She's Dancin'
3. Run To You
4. Heaven
5. Somebody
6. Summer Of '69
7. Kids Wanna Rock
8. It's Only Love
9. Long Gone
10. Ain't Gonna Cry
11. Let Me Down Easy (Bonus Track, Previously Unreleased) 03:40
12. Teacher, Teacher (Bonus Track, Unreleased) 03:47
13. The Boy’s Night Out (Bonus Track, Previously Unreleased) 03:52
14. Draw The Line (Bonus Track, Previously Unreleased) 03:25
15. Play To Win (Bonus Track, Previously Unreleased) 03:28
16. Too Hot To Handle (Bonus Track, Previously Unreleased) 04:01
17. Reckless (Bonus Track, Previously Unreleased) 04:00

5.1 Mix

1. One Night Love Affair
2. She's Only Happy When She's Dancin'
3. Run To You
4. Heaven
5. Somebody
6. Summer Of '69
7. Kids Wanna Rock
8. It's Only Love
9. Long Gone
10. Ain't Gonna Cry


November 26, 2014
INTERVIEW: In The Studio With RedBeard
Bryan Adams Recalls Reckless Success On 30th Anniversary

Dallas, TX - November 25, 2014. North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands celebrates the 30th anniversary of Bryan Adams’ 80s blockbuster Reckless.

In 1984 Bryan Adams found himself perched on the edge of a Rock ‘N’ Roll plateau. His third album Cuts Like A Knife had cracked the American Top 20 in sales and, thanks to MTV, Bryan’s face was as well known as his rough-hewn voice. It was in November of that year when Bryan Adams released Reckless , an album that produced six Top 20 singles, “Run to You”, “Somebody”, the # 1 hit “Heaven”, “Summer of 69”, “One Night Love Affair” and the duet “It’s Only Love” with legendary soul singer Tina Turner. The Reckless album went on to sell more than 12 million copies, making Bryan Adams one of the hottest performers in the world.

InTheStudio host Redbeard asks Bryan how, at age 24, was he able to write and produce such a comprehensive international hit album?
“It was like one big brain. Everyone was thinking the same thing. And that’s what made this record work. Everybody was pulling in the same direction... When you make a record you don’t actually think you’re making a hit record. You wanna hope people like your music. When we were recording Reckless I never thought it would do what it did. It’s just as simple as that.”


November 25, 2014

Bryan on NPR Radio
Check out Bryan's interview on NPR's Weekend Edition with Scott Simon which aired Nov 22nd.


November 25, 2014

Bryan has signed a beautiful white Fender Stratocaster Modern Player guitar for chART Children's Hospice to support UK Children's Hospices Charities.

This is a unique item as Bryan rarely signs guitars.

Auction ends December 4th.


November 24, 2014

NPR ONLINE: Bryan celebrate the classics on Tracks of My Years
Bryan Adams' "Summer Of '69" has inspired many a late night in a karaoke bar.

Now, the best-selling Canadian singer and songwriter does a little karaoke, of sorts, of his own. His latest project, an album of mostly covers called Tracks Of My Years, includes his versions of songs by Ray Charles, Chuck Berry and Bob Dylan — and a picture of a long-haired 15-year-old Adams, deep into hard rock. Still, he didn't end up covering the rock hits of his youth.

"The idea of doing this album was difficult for me, because a lot of the songs that are out there that were inspiring to me as a youngster are untouchable," Adams tells NPR's Scott Simon. "I couldn't do Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' or Deep Purple's 'Smoke On The Water' or Steppenwolf's 'Born To Be Wild' or [The Beatles'] 'Hey Jude.' You know, there was no way. And so it was trying to find songs that I could do that suited my voice in a particular way.

That's how Adams ended up covering a different iconic song: "God Only Knows," from The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds.

"When I thought about doing The Beach Boys, of course, as much as I love 'em, there was no way I was gonna do the harmonies because I've never done records like that," he says. "So I decided that I'd like to do this song, 'God Only Knows,' like Bill Evans and Tony Bennett. It's a really, really incredible record. It's probably my favorite Tony Bennett record, and it just seemed like a nice approach to this song. 'Cause no one has ever done it like that before."

Hear the full conversation at the audio link.


November 21, 2014

Fans Travel to UK Reckless Gigs in Support of MS
Teresa Bowers and her friend Lynn are currently trekking to most of Bryan's UK gigs - and they are doing so in support of the Mercia MS Therapy Centre - of which Lynn is a patient.

You can follow their blog, check out their gallery and read about their concert adventures each day. Follow along on tour and if possible, make a donation to reach their goal of £2000 for Multiple Sclerosis.


November 20, 2014

New Song, 'Too Hot To Handle' Premier on Mashable
Check out the song premier of "Too Hot To Handle" from Bryan Adams' new deluxe re-release of Reckless, as well as his exclusive interview on Mashable now!

You'll find Too Hot To Handle plus 6 more previously unreleased tracks on the brand new Reckless 30th Anniversary available in stores and on Amazon and iTunes now.


November 15, 2014
Interview with The Independent UK
Bryan chats to The Independent about his musical beginnings, vegan diet, his portraits of wounded servicemen, and perhaps one or two things you did not know about Bryan Adams!

Read here:


November 14, 2014

Bryan chats with CNN at Somerset House Exhibition
CNN's Christine Amanpour chatted with Bryan as well as Mark Ormrod - one of the veterans captured in Wounded: The Legacy Of War at the Gallery opening of the Photo Exhibit at Somerset House earlier this week.

Watch the CNN interview now.


November 14, 2014

Bryan kicked off Reckless Anniversary Tour in Nottingham Nov 13th.
Bryan kicked off his Reckless Anniversary Tour in the UK last night. Read the review in today's Nottingham Post by Nick Parkhouse .

Photo by Laura Patterson
Read article and view gallery below.


November 14, 2014

WOUNDED: The Legacy of War Interview for Kaltblut Magazine
Bryan Adams may be best known as the singer, Adams has proved to be the master of visual arts, capturing stunning shots of musicians, actors or models. When he is not plucking guitar strings, you will most probably find him in the studio picking the right lens for the next photo shoot. In his last book “Exposed” Adams photographed everyone from Mickey Rourke to the Queen of England to his most recent book “Wounded – The Legacy of War” dedicated to wounded British soldiers.

He started as a singer-songwriter who has received countless other awards, and Adams is a master at taking people on a musical journey, but when his photographs take centre stage, the path being navigated is one of visual connections, sometimes harsh and shocking; sometimes whimsical and witty. Wounded: The Legacy of War – Photographs by Bryan Adams! An exhibition from 12 November 2014 – 25 January 2015 at Somerset House, London WC2!

Read rest of article and see images in Kaltblut Magazine


November 12, 2014

Prince Harry attends opening of Wounded Exhibit in London
Prince Harry honored Britains Armistice Day with a visit to Bryan's photo exhibition at London's grand Somerset House November 11th.

The gallery exhibit is open to the public starting today and runs through January 25th.

Read full article as see NBC News slideshow on


November 12, 2014

An exhibition of photographs by Bryan Adams of young British servicemen and women who have suffered life-changing injuries opens today at Somerset House in London. Featuring over 30 portraits on public display for the first time in the UK, the startling series honours the war heroes of today and highlights the plight of wounded personnel. The exhibition is on now through January 25, 2015.

The exhibition will have free entry but proceeds from a coffee table book of the exhibition will go to BLESMA, Blind Veterans UK, Combat Stress, SSAFA and War Child.


November 11, 2014

WOUNDED: The Legacy of War Exhibit at Somerset House London
Bryan Adams' heart-stopping images of wounded British solders go on show at Somerset House November 12th. Taken over the course of four years, the portraits are an astonishing document of the aftermath of war.

Watch the video as Bryan talks about his military tribute and how his book of young wounded servicemen came about.

Read the article and see the gallery of images, Within the book, each man shares unflinching accounts of their life-changing injuries.


November 07, 2014

Choir! Choir! Choir! sings Summer of 69
Toronto based group Choir! Choir! Choir! did a fantastic tribute of 'Summer of 69' in celebration of Bryan's birthday this past Wednesday. Watch and enjoy!

Summer Of 69 by Choir! Choir! Choir!

November 04, 2014

30th Anniversary of Reckless today!
Today marks the 30th Anniversary of Bryan's Rock Album, 'RECKLESS'. The iconic album spawned six hit singles including Run To You, Somebody, Heaven and Summer of 69.

Reckless will be re-released on November 10th UK/EU & November 24th in USA & Canada with seven previously unreleased tracks including the never-before-heard title track, 'Reckless'. Listen to the World Premier starting 9am PST November 5th on VEVO.


October 31, 2014

One day only flash sale happens this Tuesday! Bryan has donated used guitar strings to Wear Your Music Guitar String Bracelet Charity Project and you can buy a unique guitar string bracelet at 10% off. 24

Hour sale starts at 12:05am ET on Nov. 4th only. Use code BADAMS10 at checkout.

Profits to Nordoff Robbins - Music Transforming Lives. Music meets fashion and charity.

Visit WEAR YOUR MUSIC to check out bracelets now!